HP’s Live Photo Brings Still Images to Life

HP Live Photo

Thanks to HP, your photo’s can now literally jump off the page.

Last week, HP announced the creation of HP Live Photo –a new consumer printing experience that embeds short video clips into printed photos.  HP Live allows users to highlight real life right off the printed page.

With the ease of an iPhone app, HP Live Photo allows users to create, view and share images using augmented reality developed by Aurasma, an HP Company. By juxtaposing still images with video, the HP Live Photo app will change the way consumers share greeting cards and tell stories.

Users simply download the free app from the App Store, choose a video (45 seconds or shorter) from their camera, select an automatically generated still image, add a fun template, then print and share it.

Augmented reality is the new medium for bringing the physical world to digital life and HP Live Photo puts the power of this technology into the hands of everyday consumers,” said Annie Weinberger, general manager, Aurasma, an HP Company.  “Not only does HP Live Photo heighten the intrigue and surprise of receiving a printed greeting card, but for the first time mobile videos live on beyond the digital world making them truly part of the physical world as well.”

HP Live Photos can be shared on Facebook, by e-mail or by printing to any AirPrint-enabled printer.Every HP Live Photo will include a blue origami icon designating it as a HP Live Photo.

HP Live Photo is available in the United States for iOS 5.1 devices.  

Have an Android?  HP Live Photo is expected to be available later this year for other mobile operating systems.


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